DiscoDSP Corona

$99.95 $65.00

Virtual Analog + Wave synthesizer


Custom SF2/WAV oscillators

Add your SoundFont 2 or WAV files to Corona oscillators and boost timbres to never heard levels.
Place them at Documents > discoDSP > Corona > Banks > User.dwb folder and they will appear next time Corona is loaded.
Create additional categories by adding new folders with .dwb extension and keep your tones organized.

Multi-size GUI

Corona graphics is configurable in four window sizes: 75%, 100%, 150% and 200%.

Amazing arpeggiator

Corona delivers one of the best arpeggiators of the market with 32 steps, tempo sync, swing, 3 trigger types and 10 modes.

Incredible filters

14 different filter types, 2-pole and 4-pole each with selectable tahn, poly, asym1, asym2, asy3, hardlimit, polywrap, asymwrap, quantize and asymquantize shapes.
Includes filter positive and negative drive, keytracking, selectable pre-post volume envelope stage.
Experience new generation liquid sounding zero delay feedback filters enabling ALT button.


  • Virtual Analog + Wave synthesizer
  • 32 / 64-bit Audio Units / VST
  • 3 VA + WAVE / SF2 oscillators
  • Roland® JP8080 modeled Super 7 unison
  • 16 oscillator combine modes
  • 32 steps arpeggiator
  • Dual zero-delay feedback filters
  • 8 destination matrix modulations
  • 4 LFOs
  • 4 ADSR envelopes
  • Distortion / chorus / delay / limiter effects
  • MIDI out


32 / 64­-bit VST / VST3 / Audio Units compatibility.

Corona R5 — Walkthrough

Using WAV files as Oscillator

Corona R1 Inside Out

Controlling Animoog

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