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ComposerCloud+ from EastWest – Only 269.00 per year!

Instant Access

Audition and download any instrument from the cloud in seconds. Activate your licenses on your computer (or an optional iLok key) and start using them in your DAW immediately.

Original price was: $269.00.Current price is: $199.00. for 1 year



Total Creative Freedom

With ComposerCloud+, you get access to all of the most-awarded EastWest instruments and every new addition for a single monthly fee including strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, world instruments, guitars, drums, piano, synths, and much more — all downloadable with a single click.

Royalty Free

All EastWest instruments are 100% royalty free for commercial use, including millions of samples, phrases, loops, and presets — you keep the rights to everything you create, forever.

Hollywood Fantasy Voices puts the power of singer Merethe Soltvedt’s majestic voice at your fingertips, along with full male and female choirs. Anytime you need ethereal, floating vocals to capture the essence of battles, lost kingdoms, or emotional trials, Merethe’s voice will sell the scene even when nothing else does the trick. She lent this library the same power and grace she brings as the lead vocalist for Two Steps From Hell. If you enjoy fantasy movies, you’ll love this: Every word she recorded for the Hollywood Fantasy Voices library comes directly from Tolkien’s Elvish language, allowing you to make your scores as authentic as possible!

What's Included?

Over 42,000 award-winning virtual instruments worth over $12,000 across all music genres including orchestras, synths, world instruments, vocals, drums, guitars, basses, pianos, and more.

Hollywood Fantasy Strings features Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque string instrument ensembles alongside brand-new modern-day orchestral recordings.

Hollywood Fantasy Brass puts the grandeur of some of history’s most iconic brass instruments at your fingertips including Wagner tubas, flugelhorns, alpenhorns, and low brass ensembles.

Hollywood Fantasy Winds presents an array of ethereal, majestic woodwind instruments that transcend the modern orchestra including Irish whistles, Renaissance flutes, uilleann pipes, and ocarinas.

Hollywood Fantasy Percussion Hollywood Fantasy Percussion provides a full suite of thunderous, mystical struck and shaken instruments to complement even the most epic soundtracks, including massive drums, cymbals, gongs, shakers, bells and more.

Hollywood Orchestra – Instant access to the entire Hollywood Orchestra collection and its brand new expansions with hundreds of articulations. The best-selling and most awarded virtual orchestra ever released, it was double winner of the 2022 TEC Award for Best Musical Instrument Software and the Sound on Sound Award for Best Software Instrument – the first time in history one product has won both!

Symphonic Orchestra – The multi award-winning orchestral virtual instrument recorded by 11-time Grammy nominated classical recording engineer Prof. Keith O Jonson features “out of the box” orchestral sounds with 3 microphone positions.

Hollywood Orchestrator – Compose blockbuster soundtracks in seconds. Simply load in the instruments you want, alter an existing preset or create your own, then play a note — OPUS will handle the rest.

Hollywood Fantasy Voices Lineup

Synths and FX

Comprehensive synth suites, hybrid collections, and scoring tools perfect for cinematic film and game soundtracks, EDM, pop, hip hop, and more. Includes our cutting-edge morphing hybrid synth collection Forbidden Planet (TEC Nominee for Best Software Musical Instrument of 2023). Also includes our brand new String Machine, which features spectacular vintage string synthesizers from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.


Solo and choral performances in nearly every style including classical, opera, soul, and traditional performances from around the world. For Hollywood Choirs, Symphonic Choirs, and Hollywood Backup Singers type in words and listen as the WordBuilder engine reproduces them flawlessly.

EastWest Voices Collection I:mage

Rock and Pop

Create realistic hit records with crunchy guitars, punchy basses, and powerful drum kits on demand with collections like ProDrummer, Ministry of Rock 1 & 2, and Ghostwriter. Get blazing pop brass sections with Hollywood Pop Brass, mangled and distorted instruments with The Dark Side, vintage Beatles-inspired instruments with Fab Four, or funky loops and beats and more with Goliath.

World Instruments

Rare and traditional string and wind instruments from Africa, the Americas, Europe, East Asia, India and the Middle East. Thundering, earth-shattering drums you can instantly drop into the most intense film and game soundtracks, perfect for blockbuster-style hybrid orchestral scores.

Pianos – “The new meaning of heavyweight. EastWest Pianos stands out because it’s the biggest most ambitious sampled piano project ever, with the sound quality to prove it.” – KEYBOARD

The most responsive collection of concert grands and upright pianos to date, featuring up to 18 velocity layers and 8 separate articulations.

Spaces II – The industry’s top convolution reverb plug-in, Spaces II featuring over 1,020 reverbs recorded in unique spaces around the world from churches, concert halls, and recording studios to unusual locations like catacombs and train stations.

eastWest World Instruments Collage

Opus Engine

“The Opus Player engine remains an industry leader” – MUSICTECH

Hyper-fast loading, pulling only the samples you need, at the moment you need them. Advanced routing and mic positions, extensive processing capabilities, custom macros & controller mappings, on-demand instrument loading, and more.

Native M1 Silicon & M.2 PCIE

OPUS runs natively on Apple’s M1 chip and PC M.2 solid state drives, allowing for near-zero load times on higher-end machines, so you can use every optimization your rig offers.


When does my subscription begin?

As soon as you have signed up and we have received your first payment your membership begins and you can start downloading our virtual instruments right away.

Do I need to be online to access my ComposerCloud+ instruments?

Our OPUS engine will be installed on your computer and the virtual instruments will be installed either on your computer or external hard drive (we highly recommend either internal or external Solid State Drives separate from the system drive for the best performance and load times). Search, audition, and instrument downloads require an internet connection. If you purchased our optional hard drive with all content included, your computer will need to be online once a month for license validation. We suggest users with offline computers purchase the yearly plan which only requires syncing once a year.

Can I purchase a hard drive with all the instruments of ComposerCloud+ included instead of downloading them?

Yes, the ComposerCloud+ Sound Data hard drive is available for purchase here. This is ideal for subscribers with slow or limited internet or those who require additional hard drive storage.

Do I need an iLok security key to use products from ComposerCloud+?

No! For the first time, we are offering iLok electronic licenses that are placed on your computer and do not require the separate purchase of an iLok 2 or 3 security key. However, if you already have an iLok security key you can choose to use that instead for portability. You will select either an iLok electronic license or iLok security key in the Installation Center during activation. Please note: ComposerCloud+ is not compatible with iLok 1.

Can I use the instruments I’ve downloaded on multiple machines?

Activation of the ComposerCloud+ license is limited to two devices (directly to a computer or iLok key) per subscription. To use ComposerCloud+ on more than two computers you have to either deactivate the license from one computer to move it to another, or if the license is on an iLok key, just plug that into the device you wish to use.

Can I continue to purchase perpetual licenses for individual products?

Yes, with some exceptions, our products will still be available for individual purchase and any products you purchased previously will always be available to you whether you retain your ComposerCloud+ subscription or not. Purchased products are in addition to ComposerCloud+ products so you could use these on multiple computers at the same time.


What happens to my compositions if I cancel my membership?

If you do not have an active license for the libraries, they will not load up in the Opus software, but any tracks you have exported to audio will continue to playback. However, nothing will happen to your compositions if you pause or cancel your membership, you simply won’t be able to access the instruments as before to create new compositions or make edits to the Midi instrument performance. In the unlikely event you decide to cancel you can render (bounce) the instruments in your compositions to your digital audio workstation before you leave. You can always resubscribe, activate the license, and those software instrument tracks will reload for you to use again.

What if I have issues downloading my products?

EastWest’s Support Center offers Live Chat, the fastest way to reach a Support Team Member to help resolve any technical issues you may be having. Visit www.soundsonline.com, then click on the red “Chat Now” box that appears in the lower-right corner. Fill in your name and email address, then click “Start the Chat”, or if an agent is not available click “Leave a Message” by explaining your issue, and a Support Agent will respond as soon as they’re available.

What are the system requirements?

System requirements are published on the product page for each collection. Mac OSX 10.13 or later; or Windows 10 or later are required to use ComposerCloud+.

In which countries can I purchase a ComposerCloud+ membership?

ComposerCloud+ is a worldwide service.

Additional information

iLok Required

PLAY 5 or later is required to use this product (download at Support page), and you can choose between an iLok security key or a machine (electronic) license placed on your computer.


680GB free hard disc space; Diamond Edition is supplied on a 1TB 7200rpm USB3 external hard drive for ease of installation (see following conditions).

The hard drive supplied with Hollywood Orchestra Diamond is covered by our "30 Day Return Policy". If the hard drive develops a defect, it may be returned to EastWest within 30 days of shipment. Contact [email protected] for a RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization). Hollywood Orchestra may only be returned for a replacement of the hard drive. No refunds are available. "Return" constitutes receipt of the product by EastWest, and not the mere issuance of an RMA. Beyond 30 days, the manufacturer's warranty will apply and returns and service must be arranged with the drive manufacturer. EastWest will replace the data should a drive replacement become necessary.



Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.7GHz or higher
Mac OSX 10.7 or later
7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming


Mac Pro Late 2013 edition (current model with round enclosure) or above
16GB RAM or more
Mac OSX 10.7 or later
SSD (Solid State Drive) for sample streaming



Intel Core 2 Duo, or AMD Dual Core 2.7GHz or higher
Windows 7 or later
Sound card with ASIO drivers
7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming


Intel Xeon E5 (or equivalent) running at a minimum of 2.7 GHz (or above)
16GB RAM or more
64-bit Windows/Host Sequencer
Sound card with ASIO drivers
SSD (Solid State Drive) for sample streaming